The trajectory of my career would seem to answer to a unique criterion. In as much that my background was oriented towards art I never received or pursued any professional training in art on this continent but through fortuitous circumstances I was able to secure a position in one of the most unique painting programs on the planet. I’m not interested in painting things so much as I am in seeing, or finding out through seeing how the elements of composition work in terms of colour.

You are welcome to e-mail Dennis with questions regarding his work ( or visit on Facebook (Dennis Shields Momentum Gallery).

poster_small.jpg ambervase_small.jpg antique_small.jpg arrangement_small.jpg bellvase_small.jpg bluevase_small.jpg chimes_small.jpg
floral_small.jpg goldenafternoon_small.jpg harvest_small.jpg orangesandlight_small.jpg quietthunder_small.jpg revolve_small.jpg smallrevolve_small.jpg
smallwindchime_small.jpg sonata_small.jpg theetruscan_small.jpg visitation_small.jpg windchime_small.jpg windchimes_small.jpg windchime2_small.jpg

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