At 51, Clive Beal has enjoyed years involved in the Victoria community art scene. Formerly a machine technologist, Beal now spends time in the Pandora Arts Collective, serving on the board of the not-for-profit society since PACS' inception in 2005. Also, Beal manages the little fernwood gallery, where the collective favours new and emerging artists.


Though Beal attempts many styles and subjects, often derived from mythology, dreamsource, or deja vu, landscapes demonstrate his strongest, most popular work. These can be fantasies of place, drawn from the aether, or, the actual, based on photos for reference. Liberal and modern in his approach, the Lands of Beal are lushly alive, and invite the patron to a mood and meditation.


Lands of Beal represents work of the recent decade in oil or acrylic, as well as a selection of archived photos, newly presented. Many works are available as 8” x 10” prints, unframed: $10 to $20, or $40 for archival quality. Also available are original music cd’s, art cards, and Clive Beal’s recently published book of poem and image: Quest of the Water Time

doomsdayarrives_small.jpg thedome_small.jpg pikeplacemarket_small.jpg secretplace_small.jpg bucolicscene_small.jpg
swamp_small.jpg euryptrid_small.jpg yellowriver_small.jpg sookefalls_small.jpg tidepool_small.jpg
lushforest_small.jpg jumper_small.jpg wave_small.jpg

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