A solo show by P. Jean Oliver

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On Murmurating …


Murmuration, because my work is inspired by the sparkle found in “en plein air” (in the fresh air) painting. Tapping into the creative magic every natural location contains.

When birds fly together in a pattern they murmurate, flying as one evolving shape. Being one with my surroundings is a sensation I experience when painting outdoors.

My mentor is beloved Canadian painter, and writer, Emily Carr. Much of the show was created in local places she painted in.

While I work, I wonder about other artists who wandered there. I’m open to the possibility that we tap into each other’s energy, as well as the location. That something of us is left behind for the next person to pick up, whether from an artist, or some other lover of nature’s spiritual message.

Perhaps Emily left behind a residue of her passion, her love for shape, light, and spirit as nature. I believe so because I’ve felt it. I like to think when I paint, humming hymns like she used to also do, that our brushes fly together for a little while.

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