“There is a universe inside us all – art brings it out”


“The Imagination is its own universe and I am its creator – art gives me the power to release the universe within.’


“I adore that title because it comes from powerful past experience with art. Reminds me of a bright flash of inspiration from another artist’s work, long ago.”


“The Universe Within, all the secret places in the psyche that the producing of art calls forth and sets to dancing.”


“The Universe Within is as vast, amazing and mysterious as the universe without.”


“I like the people and drawing here.”


“Art seems to be a universal human quality. It comes from inside to be seen by all.”


“A good place to be if you want to do art.”


“Its all about heart and soul popping out from within, brightening this moment more graciously…”


“Is the uninhibited transition from the empty mind to the full page”


“Within or without

Above or below

In front or behind

Its all relative”


“Art welcomes everyone when evoked allows logic and magic to combust and touch that magic Universe within all of us…”


“How does imagination relate to reality?”

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baffledbubblesbyconnieirvine_small.jpg drowningdreamsbyconnieirvine_small.jpg sacredsoulbyjillanstey_small.jpg photonsbydevorahstone_small.jpg goldstreambyclivebeal_small.jpg almosttherebynorasmith_small.jpg
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cattlepointbyclivebeal_small.jpg waltzingkatrinabyconnieirvine_small.jpg iamagoddessinmyownyouniversebyrandom_small.jpg soulsinthecitybyjae_small.jpg peacefulpancakesbyconnieirvine_small.jpg iammyyouniversebyrandom_small.jpg
truthisbeautybeautyistruthbywendyyoung_small.jpg layerswithinbydevorahstone_small.jpg brakingleafwavebyrobertlowe_small.jpg chasingthelightbyjillanstey_small.jpg chasingthelightbyjillanstey2_small.jpg loveofthewombwithinbyursularingwald_small.jpg

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