John Milton wrote, “ The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”


When I started Mindfulness practises I could feel and see my mind at work. I began thinking about the many states of my mind along with all the various sayings about the mind, head and brain. What does it mean to have ones “Head in the Clouds”, or be a “Scatterbrain”, what is “A Train of Thought” or to “Brain Storm”? What is an “Open” or a “Boggled” mind? Can you have “A Piece of My Mind” or anyone’s mind? I wanted to visually capture these oft used sayings. I started with “My Mind Exploding” to show what it is like when my mind is filled so many thoughts, it feels like it will explode. After that it all came to me. One after the other, I used whatever materials at hand and on as many surfaces as I could find. I got help from other artists at Pandora Arts Collective who came up with great ideas and who encouraged me.


Deovrah Stone

scatterbrained_small.jpg brainstorming_small.jpg themindislikeaparachute_small.jpg headintheclouds_small.jpg losingmymind_small.jpg mindspiraling_small.jpg apieceofmymind_small.jpg
openmind_small.jpg heavenandhell_small.jpg boggledmind_small.jpg mindfulness_small.jpg mindexploding_small.jpg trainofthought_small.jpg mindgames_small.jpg

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