This project came out of an independent study in painting I did at North Island College 20 years ago. I struggled to define myself on non human terms. I created and invariably became RANDOM! - an alien creature lost on earth, desperately struggling to know who she was and why she was here. When she discovers that she is not human she is relieved, she finally understands why she never fit in – she wishes to explore who and what she is on her own terms.


In the proposal I wrote for this project I stated “by the end of this project I hope to come to create some sort of new and liberating means of self-definition”. Ironically in seeking these definitions she had to let go of human definitions that she hung on to for comfort.


Human medical definitions like BiPolar, mentally ill, or Aspergers were all human definitions which characterized her as ill or damaged.


Over the course of these months of seeking more actualized self-definitions RANDOM! soon discovered that she was not a damaged human but a perfectly normal healthy being from The Vortex Collective – which was her true race.


vorticicityandbeyond_small.jpg gatheredscatteredtornsunkassembledandtruth_small.jpg thebcontinuum_small.jpg whereisyourvortex_small.jpg
theinexplicableneolithiccavevortex_small.jpg thebigbang_small.jpg cerebralvortex_small.jpg thedespairsquid_small.jpg
battleoftheplanets_small.jpg itstheendoftheworldasweknowitandifeelfine_small.jpg thisplanetsucks_small.jpg spacegoddess_small.jpg

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