A group show featuring the Pandora Arts Collective with special guests the MS Society.

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With Glowing Hearts

    Here at Pandora Arts Collective Society, we have an open-door policy. We welcome people from all backgrounds to express their glowing hearts through art. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada, we've created an exhibit inspired by a phrase from our national anthem.


   Emotions play a large role in the artistic process. When we bring our hearts into the art that we make, we can express and share ourselves with others in the community.


   We ask, through both words and images, what is in your heart? What are your heart’s desires, hopes, dreams and aspirations? Through art, we share what is in our hearts.


   We hope that our art will glow out to Fernwood, Victoria, Canada and the whole world!


   Joining with PACS for this show, the MS art studio houses a talented group of painters and creators, all living with MS. Their incredible works of art tells of their individual and collective stories, aiming to inspire and build community through beauty.


   The artists of PACS, with this show, demonstrate a continuing contribution to the arts in Victoria. We find our place in community, here, in the Paul Phillips Hall at the FCA. Join us, as a fellow artist, as a society member, or as a donor; we can all raise each other!

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