Pandora Arts Collective December group show

iwanttobelievebyjae_small.jpg clausettesantasdaughterbyrandom_small.jpg thebeautyofdiversitybywendyyoung_small.jpg untitledbyconnieirvine_small.jpg tidepoolbyclivebeal_small.jpg therosebudbynorasmith_small.jpg
stilllifebyclivebeal_small.jpg poorlytitledbyscottdawson_small.jpg bluedancebyconnieirvine_small.jpg timetwisterbydevorahstone_small.jpg togetherwecanmovetheworldpacsgroupcollaboration_small.jpg venusemergesbyrandom_small.jpg
movingworldsbydevorahstone_small.jpg togetherbykarenannejae_small.jpg giantoctopusbystephencourtin_small.jpg apatchofbluebyjeanoliver_small.jpg connectingbyursularingwald_small.jpg yearoftheroosterbybillgoers_small.jpg


We have reached the point of crisis. Our planet is heating up, animal species are going extinct, and there are weapons which threaten to destroy us all. Many voices call for change , yet there are factions that choose to ignore the warnings. We are all human in spite of our differences and we must come together if we are to survive. Artists have traditionally sounded the call for change. We at PACs wish to add our voices to the call.


Together we can move the world.

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