I see this collection as a bit of a comic strip, each piece being like a page out of a comic book of sorts. With the 3-D stuff; it’s a pop up comic book.


I just want to encourage other people to express themselves through creativity.  I discovered that you do not need to be gifted artistically in order to  have something to say. It is the desire to create that matters. The first thing I ever made was "Be Kind." The blue bits that make a swirl are the ends of needles that were given to me by a girl on the streets named Bobbi. She was hooked on heroin. If anyone knows what happened to her I would like to know. I think about her still and wonder. Each one we stopped and chatted for a bit; it was a way to connect. Art can build a bridge... the rest of Be Kind was done out of things I mostly picked up off the ground, haha.  That was the beginning in 2004; I think the hardest part of anything is getting started.


Fun fact: the person who invented sticky notes was trying to make a super glue..!)  Art is kind of like that too, you have the idea in your mind, and what you end up with is often just a rendition. I find there is always a point when I want throw it all away. Just keep going. F-Perfection.


Dedicated to the Animal Kingdom (seriously); they need our stewardship more than ever.


Michelle Halliday, 2017     michellehalliday13@yahoo.com

littlefernwoodgalleryshow_small.jpg showposter_small.jpg fperfection_small.jpg sos_small.jpg care_small.jpg bams_small.jpg whatdoyoureallywant_small.jpg
endofanera_small.jpg elephanttiedtoachair_small.jpg lions_small.jpg hakitty_small.jpg peaceinourtime_small.jpg realmendocry_small.jpg dance_small.jpg
bekind_small.jpg cents_small.jpg velvetcross_small.jpg truth_small.jpg forwhat_small.jpg seriesof3_small.jpg homelessseries_small.jpg
thebadone_small.jpg forgetyourworries_small.jpg buffthis_small.jpg whywait_small.jpg partycrasher_small.jpg richardwalters_small.jpg richardwalters2_small.jpg
richardwalters3_small.jpg hq_small.jpg be_small.jpg changes_small.jpg doitforlove_small.jpg paintedladypreciouscat_small.jpg spiritual_small.jpg
chasingthedragon_small.jpg mountains_small.jpg beginend_small.jpg windows1_small.jpg windows2_small.jpg ideas_small.jpg caughtonfilm_small.jpg

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