Recently, (in the past two years) I have taken up visual art as a method of expressing with more precision the definition of my life experience. The images come completely free of any precognition yet are not random or chaotic. Rather they express a universe that is organized yet beyond the mathematical calculation often attributed by science as being the actual substance of all things. They fall under this new category of organic abstractions. This for me gives meaning to my observations without deep convoluted explanations and can be enjoyed at the most basic or complex level by the viewer. I am grateful to the little fernwood gallery for this opportunity to display these visual musings.

nearruns_small.jpg gold_small.jpg silver_small.jpg
copper_small.jpg thefrequencyofmatter_small.jpg triptych_small.jpg
vines_small.jpg internalcombustion_small.jpg algorithmcityescape_small.jpg

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