These photos are a reflection of my child-like awe and reverence for the beauty I see around me. I remember each moment, each photo, where I was and how the light, patterns, color or uniqueness of the shot emerged. When I finally decided to print my photos, I couldn’t find frames that honored the simple beauty of the images. A long-time collector of natural objects, I soon realized I had all I needed to create my own frames… a continuation of the photo and image, illuminating attributes and lines in the photo as well as some color and texture. I am truly Nurtured by Nature, as it is the only place that has consistently been a solace, resource and home to me. Each time I am taken by the Muse, it is A Primal Return… to my earthen home and the innocent and reverent place within myself that honors truth and beauty. I am grateful to the little fernwood gallery for this opportunity to share my perspective…



Heidi Erhardt lives in Maui, Hawaii and visits Victoria, BC frequently. She has a deep appreciation for the natural world and the magic of the microcosm. Her unique perspective is a reflection of her natural propensity for intimacy and presence.

appledew_small.jpg tulipheart_small.jpg fluteflowerswindedwebs_small.jpg lilywaterheartlet_small.jpg morningdew_small.jpg sunnystraw_small.jpg
lilywonder_small.jpg woodedwet_small.jpg haleakalatreasures_small.jpg lotuslight_small.jpg fallingmaplesinsaanich_small.jpg blossomedcherryspring_small.jpg
shipwreckedthetidesoftofino_small.jpg shipwreckedfallseacollage_small.jpg dewedreflection_small.jpg sweetestpea_small.jpg lovinglily_small.jpg leaflinesandwoodedwaves_small.jpg
leaflight_small.jpg woodedwoman_small.jpg tuliptunnel_small.jpg anodetofibonacci_small.jpg

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