Throughout the summer season in 2017

Clive Beal has been engaging directly in landscape,

in locations across the region; from Sooke Harbour

to the Saanich Penninsula. 13 paintings are presented

oil on canvas, en plein air.

Bi-weekly, Clive and Jean would venture out

to some location and set up and paint. Given

two or three hours to work, the scene

would slowly change, as the sun moved over,

or the tide would come in. Later, at home

the piece would be finished, over several sessions.

Working in nature provides a fresh view,

where the wind, the sun, the water, or the chill air

all have an impact.

The subjects demonstrate a broad sample

of our beautiful, local environment; some

deliberately sought out as a place where Emily painted,

and other places found by wandering

and circumstance.

The regular practice fosters one’s artistic

development. It becomes easier.

As one friend said to the other:

“ this is the good part ”


Clive Beal

Nov. 11, 2017

elklake_small.jpg fantasy_small.jpg powerpoint_small.jpg brentwoodbay_small.jpg stadaconapark_small.jpg metchosincauseway_small.jpg finnertygarden_small.jpg
goldstream_small.jpg whiffenspit_small.jpg seanheights_small.jpg sookeriver_small.jpg bisoninmeadow_small.jpg mtdoug_small.jpg

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