A show dedicated to the exploration of the human narrative

wheningermany_small.jpg coastaldrift_small.jpg thefallfires_small.jpg downtown_small.jpg
uptown_small.jpg delta_small.jpg compliance_small.jpg heartbreaks_small.jpg
autumnsplash_small.jpg journey_small.jpg littlewaves1_small.jpg littlewaves2_small.jpg
thesearch_small.jpg redeyesrealize_small.jpg barecheeks_small.jpg suffragette_small.jpg

My intention is to use art as an inventive form of self-care and discovery. It is in my belief that we all have stories that are shared through different avenues. However, my personal narrative can be discovered through the pieces you see here. The work itself has been continuous, as it has grown, changed and evolved over nearly a decade. From finely placed brush strokes to chaotic abstract paintings – each piece is reflective of my raw emotion during that time.


Many of the pieces you see are interpretive, left up to the individual to use their own creative processes to question what they see. They are meant to awaken the mind allowing the audience to dive deeper into their own emotions and reality.


These pieces are my happy medium between work and play.

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