One family’s group show


Our family is a lesson in adversity. Not the usual kind – the adversity that wells up Thanksgiving weekend. Rather the kind of adversity that smacks like a wind torn branch shattering the picture window. Suddenly, a simple, tragic event with vast repercussion calls for coping and changing. The world view is no longer idyllic and personal comfort is not an entitlement. Comfort is something to learn, to manufacture, to share.


Our relationships are far from taken for granted. Each of us has forged a closeness with the others with concerted effort. With pains revealed, with resources divvied and revelations illumined, we trust and inspire.


This show with work by Gwen Nesbitt (1916-2000), her daughter, her four grandchildren, her great granddaughter and her great-great grandson represents possible connections across time and distance. We have known connections to wane, but we also know when connections are true and pervasive.



Gwen Nesbitt (nee Stiles), Arlene Nesbitt, Laurence Beal, Craig Beal,

Clive Beal, Lindsay Beal, Makayla Beal, Jasper Beal

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