The title for this show came to me from Emily Carr’s book, “This and That”, where she describes her personal struggle to express herself: “It was the way all my life. If I wanted things hard enough, and I strove and I managed, somehow they came my way…But always I had to do my share and go out to meet them.”


Loneliness surges from the heart of a forest, reaching for me, and we are no longer alone. We reach for each other. There is deep, abiding connection there. Life cycles; breathing in the sky, the clouds, the wind and rain; diving deep into Kraken depths of ocean, or skipping like stones along beaches on frothy skirts of foam. There's love in the trees, and peace in the silence, and the music of birdsong for the weary there, in nature's soul.


I believe this relationship energy can hang about a place. One day, while painting in Goldstream Park, I found myself suddenly filled with joy, and I burst out singing old hymns. My brush strokes kept time with the songs, my confidence boundless. Not normal for me prior to that. Since then, I’m more sure of what I’m doing. I later found out in one of her books, that Emily had painted nearby, and that she’d sing hymns while she painted there.


There must exist between humans and the elements, between the earth and those distant hills exchanges that are more than spirit, more than home, more than soul.


PJO February 2016



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