As a collective we were asked to think of a title that would reflect all the changes we were going through. Pandora Arts Collective Society had lots of administrative changes in 2016. Our new facilitator is Geri; with her came more collaborative art works especially mandalas, and now for the first time, in our decade long history, we will be at the Moss Street Paint in!


Everyone was asked to submit a title which we all voted on. We chose Metamorphosis.


Annuska came up with that title. Here are her reasons:


“Metamorphosis is a short story written by F. Kafka about how he feels stigmatized by his family as he is an artist. He feels completely rejected from society, and he feels he is constantly marginalized and made to feel like he is like a sub-human being. I believe this kind of discrimination against artists still exists in the Western world…”


Many of the members of Pandora have a different take – a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, a tadpole turns into a frog, dinosaur evolves into a chicken, and the raven obtains supernatural powers. Here in our exhibit there are gods, goddesses, mythological creatures, super heroes, along with flowers, bridges and more. Life is always in flux and we record the small and large changes through art.

madchinalightbearer_small.jpg annuskametamorphosis_small.jpg madchinainnerdaemon_small.jpg annchouglowgrow_small.jpg devorahstonemorphed_small.jpg annchougranvilleisland_small.jpg lisachouonharbourferry_small.jpg
ilyannaandrogynouszebra_small.jpg suemackenziemrdandelion_small.jpg connieswayingbluereflectionsone_small.jpg karenannjaelifesaprocess_small.jpg clivebealoldbridgenewbridge_small.jpg randomspiralgoddess_small.jpg scottdawsonicantrememberthetitle_small.jpg
lynnprevostpeaceful_small.jpg elenaeguigurenbunnycatdaisycat_small.jpg gerinolanhelfigerwordsonfire2009_small.jpg jaebecoming_small.jpg devorahstoneraventransforming_small.jpg norasmiththepurplehill_small.jpg jaimemysteriousanimal_small.jpg
madchinauntitled_small.jpg connieswayingbluereflectionstwo_small.jpg vittoriamflowergarden_small.jpg ilyannafrogcycle_small.jpg jeanoliverasthecrowfliesmylifeinsaanich_small.jpg clivebealfantasylandscape_small.jpg ilyannahulk_small.jpg
suemackenziespiritsprotectingtentcity_small.jpg neftheapotheosisofneferseshetat_small.jpg wendyyoungkissmeblushpink1_small.jpg wendyyoungkissmeblushpink2_small.jpg annchouourflowerday_small.jpg zanzarakfortunetheopenportal_small.jpg

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