The Rock Bay and surrounding neighbourhoods is on the outskirts of Victoria and is home to an eclectic and diverse population—from chic waterfront condos to light industry, low-budget motels, family shelter accommodations and artist studios. It is an area in transition and a place of shifting interests and transient populations. And though there are any number of people who live and work in this area, one seldom encounters the denizens and co-workers. Instead one is confronted by their passing, through discarded objects, graffiti, messages and the ever increasing number of fences and barbed wire to presumably keep some safe and others out.


These images were produced over a period of about 18 months while wandering the streets during my lunch break from a local printing firm, wondering about the stories behind the visual clues and backdrops of this area. Many of these sights and scenes would last less than a day, others for a few days, to be replaced by new scribblings, new businesses, buildings and fences.


This collection is an attempt to document these fleeting and transitory narratives of this disparate landscape; many of these ‘found’ objects and buildings now exist only within these images.

holidaycourtmotel_small.jpg shelter_small.jpg hangman_small.jpg goodgirls_small.jpg goaway_small.jpg wishinevermetyou_small.jpg
weallloveu_small.jpg yearnings_small.jpg dognation_small.jpg parking_small.jpg tracks_small.jpg youvebeenwarned_small.jpg
ns_small.jpg inpassing_small.jpg up_small.jpg birdsandwires_small.jpg shoes_small.jpg askforgodshelp_small.jpg

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