I have always been drawn to particular types of structures, particularly old stone buildings, bridges, archways etc.. When I began painting 22 years ago I used photos taken in France and Italy to work from. That subject matter has since expanded to include structures such as local bridges and houseboats here in Victoria.

In the process of working on these paintings I also discovered the interesting patterns these various structures and their surrounding landscapes make in water. Many of the paintings I have done locally have as their focus point these reflections.

My aim in painting is not to give the viewer a literal interpretation of what is there, but rather to demonstrate a particular way of seeing. Artists choose their subject matter based on what they are drawn to. Therefore, I don’t believe that subject matter itself is as important as the artist’s ability to capture the magic he/she sees in that particular image.

polesdenlacysurrey_small.jpg dovecoteavebury_small.jpg oxfordbridgebuckinghamshire_small.jpg scotneycastlegardenkent_small.jpg batemanseastsussex_small.jpg tintinhousegardensomerset_small.jpg
dovecotenymansgardenwestsussex_small.jpg snowhillmanorgloustershire_small.jpg archwaycordesfrance_small.jpg bluecartprovence_small.jpg rossbayhouse_small.jpg eveningsidneyspit_small.jpg
bridgehatleycastle_small.jpg pondgovernmenthouse_small.jpg bridgerhodos_small.jpg shyampurkangri_small.jpg rishikeshi_small.jpg rishikeshii_small.jpg

About the Artist

Maureen Garbarino is originally from California but has lived in BC. since1975. Although she had sketched and painted sporadically over the years, it was not until she retired from her position as a community college English Instructor and moved to Salt Spring Island in 1996 that she began to paint and display her works regularly. Though largely self taught, she has taken various drawing and painting courses over the years including studying with Brian Simons and Bill Porteous in Victoria and with Kiff Holland, Ann Forman, and Bettina Lewis in Vancouver. She works primarily with acrylic on canvas but has also recently done some work in oil. Her paintings have been exhibited on Salt Spring Island and in Victoria as well as in California and are in private collections on both the east and west coasts of Canada and the US. Other selected paintings may be viewed online at gobc.ca.

To purchase a painting call Maureen Garbarino at 250-995-2782 (home) or 250-896-6469 (cell)

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