Jaime has been an active member of the art community for years. At five years old, Jaime picked up a pen and started creating; she has not stopped since.


Being active in the community is Jaime’s passion. She attends lectures, workshops, nature walks, and exhibitions in which she finds her inspiration for her art. Jaime likes to include all aspects of nature in her artwork, from leaves to trees, birds to butterflies, water to dirt. She is also inspired from those she loves; her family, her friends, and her support workers. She takes pride in what she creates, and finds enjoyment in giving her art to those she loves. Jaime has experience using all sorts of media; however, she finds the most pleasure using acrylic paint on large canvas and collage techniques.


Jaime has been a member of Pandora Arts Collective at the Little Fernwood Gallery for ten years and continues to be an advocate for art as a tool for healing, expression, and exploration.

birdsofafeather_small.jpg bubblemagic_small.jpg daffodils_small.jpg
fieldsoflove_small.jpg flyintothesunshine_small.jpg giftfromthegarden_small.jpg
meadow_small.jpg mothernature_small.jpg mothersdaybouquet_small.jpg
nightday_small.jpg reflectivetree_small.jpg seaintosky_small.jpg
seeingthefuture_small.jpg splashesofcolour_small.jpg theforest_small.jpg

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