Trust: An Exhibition Of New Explorations

As an artist searching for an authentic voice, I am working to trust the creative process, to allow my ideas to flow and let the work itself lead the way. Trusting the process and trusting my instinct to apply the mark, to let it happen, this is huge.

The paintings in this exhibition are a result of my letting go, of my trust in my own creative intuition, of allowing myself to trust that the work will evolve through a conversation with the piece. Sometimes I start with an idea (the horror of rape), other times colour leads the way (whether one I love eg Diarylide yellow or ones I rarely use eg. ochres and greys) or other times I make marks on the surface and see where they go. Sometimes I set myself challenges to do things I normally wouldn’t do eg use a combo of muted colours, or make the dominant colour pink.

I also trust the viewer to come to the work with an open mind and heart. Engage with the work and voice your opinion about it whether positive or negative. I look forward to reading and hearing your thoughts!

The works here are Explorations – my way of delving into new territory. Some pieces will open up a path to a new series while others will be unique and a one-off.

Gail Sibley

12 March 2015


For Gail's Bio, open a PDF here. (You'll need Adobe Reader or the equivalent)

inthepink_small.jpg winterkill_small.jpg ifshehadwings_small.jpg every6minutes_small.jpg
thepoweroftea_small.jpg wildwoman_small.jpg outonalimb1thru6_small.jpg

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