I was born March 5, 1939 in Bathurst New Brunswick. My heritage is French Canadian and Inuit. Throughout my life I ventured to many places in Canada. I lived in Toronto, Vancouver BC, Sointula and spent a couple years in a “Hippie Commune” in “Old Gazooney” a gold mine ranch up in Nelson BC.


I have been inspired by the painter “Van Gogh” and have been told my art resembles the art work of Maude Lewis who also was born and raised in Nova Scotia. I have studied my Catholic faith, however I became very connected to Inuit spirituality honoring animals as our spirit guides.


I have always known my Spirit Guide has been the Eagle


I have painted since I was 15 years, old often bringing animals into my work. I choose to add a quirky sense of humor to my paintings for others to enjoy! I have been given this gift from the “Great Spirit” and believe I am here to share it with others. My personal philosophy in life is to treat everyone and all animals with kindness, and to “Retain the Child Within.”

basketofapples_small.jpg flyingballoons_small.jpg pairofredshoes_small.jpg sparklesthefish_small.jpg sittingcat_small.jpg
oldegazooney_small.jpg bluebirdsmail_small.jpg hummingbirdflowers_small.jpg sittingcatmilkjug_small.jpg rooster_small.jpg

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