Conversations with the Muse

The process involved in this group of gouache paintings is a personal dialogue with the emerging pictures. From a point of not knowing, layers reveal the direction the image will follow. Taking the lead from the muse, I continue to enhance the colors, textures, lines and shapes that arise. It becomes a conversation. Through the engagement of the quiet mind with the brushstroke, I find personal meaning and discover peace with concerns that are active in my life. Through my paintings, I feel integration, a wholeness and coherence.

Pandora Arts Collective Society is a vital component to the health of the community and its members. Creativity and personal expression are essential to the wellness of an individual. My involvement with PACS as a facilitator has shown me how important this open studio is to its members, so I have chosen to contribute the proceeds of this show to its continuing viability. Please join me in supporting this very unique and important organization.

sproutingseed_small.jpg fish_small.jpg lavenderblue_small.jpg upclose_small.jpg
forkathryn_small.jpg delicatebeginnings_small.jpg crystalball_small.jpg love_small.jpg
waterlife_small.jpg inferno_small.jpg swanmoon_small.jpg

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