After years of working and raising a family, I am retired and finally have time to pursue my creativity and re-engage my art making.

I enjoy drawing and painting. In my drawings I use water media (gouache, watercolour, acrylic inks) watercolour pencils, graphite, conte, collage, chalk and oil pastels. For my paintings I employ either watercolours or oils at this time.

I was raised in rural Alberta and have always enjoyed being outdoors. I love to go for walks, bicycle rides and drives. Sometimes I take photos and work from them. I work ‘plein air’ with watercolours or oils in warmer weather, enjoying the immediacy and challenges of painting outside.

I am interested in the memory of a place: the light, the shadows, the feeling of being there, the mood. Often a narrative develops and the painting becomes somewhat allegorical. Then there is the physicality of the paint, the colour palette and values, the formal pictorial concerns. I use abstracted shapes to create a dynamic composition. I am aware of all of this as I paint, and as well our culture—the world we create as people living here together. I also constantly consider how a painting is ‘seen’. Painting is a solitary activity that is ultimately shared with the viewer. I hope the viewer will have as profound and enjoyable an experience as I have had of being there and of making the piece.

fraservalleyevening1_small.jpg fraservalleyevening2_small.jpg lowcloudsintherockies_small.jpg
okanaganlake_small.jpg tofinosunset_small.jpg winterstormoverthenorthshore_small.jpg      H: 250-595-1684/ 250-882-1929 (cell)


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