SUBMISSION POLICIES & PROCEDURES: These may change soon to reflect the changed relationship with the Fernwood Community Association. Contact the Office for clarification.


1. lfg displays the work of new/emerging artists from the Greater Victoria region.
2. Artwork is not judged or juried.
3. Artwork must not depict gratuitous violence, racism, or pornography.
4. lfg strives to provide equal opportunity for all community members.
5. An artist will not have more than one solo show in a year.
6. Two or more artists may join together for a show, in which case one person is responsible to the agreement.
7. Two times a year (summer and winter) lfg hangs a Group Show, open to all artists – alumni, current participants of PACS open studio, PACS society members, and new/emerging artists of the Greater Victoria region.
8. The Coordinator considers fairness a priority when hanging group shows. "Fairness" hanging depends first on the overall esthetic of the show; we don't claim any other procedural favor.
Display areas with greater visibility are viewed as more desirable. The Coordinator ensures every artist has one work displayed in the most prominent part of the exhibition. If there are more artists than can be represented in this area, the Coordinator will aim to display the work of the newest and most recently emerging artists in the prominent area before the alumni artists.
9. Consideration of aesthetics and meaning of the group show is also a priority in curating the show.
10. Artists are advised that other groups have use of the hall and gallery spaces when gallery personnel are not present. The gallery is not responsible for loss or damage, in these cases.


1. An artist (or artists) requests a show by contacting the Gallery Coordinator, by phone or e-mail: 250-383-0936
2. The Coordinator views a portfolio, or the body of work to be displayed, to determine “suitability” in accordance with #3 of the Policies, and other considerations at the discretion of the coordinator.
3. The artists choose their month of preference on a first-come-first-served basis. Bookings are made as far in advance as possible. Always get final confirmation of dates from the coordinator before making announcements.
4. The artist receives an orientation package including the Agreement between Artist and lfg, a checklist, and a publicity list.
5. The Coordinator sends a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to Monday Magazine. The coordinator can, in addition, assist and mentor the artist to facilitate the experience, as appropriate.
6. There is a $20 hanging fee for each solo artist, except for group shows, when the fee is $1 per submission.