At little fernwood gallery


Internalization. I hardly express my anger, my sadness, my frustration. When I'm feeling good, I go out and celebrate. Sometimes my bottled up emotions bubble and froth over the edges. It's crippling, and disabling but luckily art has always been a way to release that pressure. Painting, drawing, sculpting- it's always a therapeutic, calming experience; a journal I only console in, and this time, a journal facing out onto the streets of Fernwood.


My work focuses on that which I feel, that which I've seen or heard or smelt. They're about expression of feeling, the arousal of emotion, and the experience that is it all. I like to enable my audience to step up to and see in to, step in to my artwork. To feel what I've felt and to hear what I've spoke. My creativity is born from my emotion; each of my pieces reflects the surge which drove my hand to paint them and my mind to conceive them.


I suppose that many artists might say the same, all I know is that I am my own person with my own experiences different from anyone else's and as such, I am an artist with my own art different from any one other's.

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