Finnerty Garden        Clive Beal


Oil on canvas        $285


Two Views – finding landscape in Victoria


It was over a hundred years ago when train travel came into use more broadly. Parisian artists were able to take day long excursions to the countryside where they interpreted the landscape “en plein air”, in the fresh air. Also, oil paints became available pre mixed, in portable tubes. These developments enabled artists to engage in a direct, personal relationship with landscape, where subject and composition were not contrived, in the classical sense, but beauty was found in circumstance. The artist could “frame in” a unique view, to create meaning beyond convention, truly “art for the sake of art”.


Jean Oliver and Clive Beal have been emulating this movement by going about Victoria sketching. This regular practice is rewarding, as it sharpens the eye. One must reduce the chosen scene with economy of line, then flesh it out, discerning the harmonious relations of line and form, of objects and their placement, selecting the salient from the scene, with the eye of an artist.


In this show, while Clive and Jean have distinct approaches, each demonstrates a certain mastery of landscape. Jean draws inspiration from her mentor, Emily Carr. Clive recalls the romantic lives of the artists of Montmartre, Paris. The local landscape of Victoria fosters these expressions with a natural beauty unique in the world. To sit, sketching for two hours affords the opportunity to study a scene deeply and to draw out the essence, whether overlooking the ocean or from deep within a garden, or even in a cafe. Here, the term “impression” applies. We all are the artists when we perceive beauty in nature as a practice – we can then share this view with others.


Each of us has a unique point of view. We present this work hoping the patron will also bring his or her interpretive powers to bear while viewing it, thus participating in the creative process.


Clive Beal 2017

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