Bluffing        P. Jean Oliver


Acrylic on canvas        $85


Artist Statement, Two Views, 2017


My love of the message in Carr’s trees was ignited by an early encounter with her paintings. She became my friend. We sketched and rambled together in the rural surroundings near my home in Buckingham, Quebec.

I came west in search of her trees. I’ll never forget that first sight of the wild coast flowing by, the taste of salt in a breeze filled with moisture. From where I leaned against a ferry railing…it felt like returning home after a very long time away.

My love of en plein air came out of desperate need to enter the conversation Emily first led me to. That passionate, ceaseless dialogue between the trees, the sky, the shore, and deep into water. The one I feel.


Largely self taught in paint, but thankfully raised on Paint-By-Numbers and Bob Ross, I can’t imagine a life without my work now. I hope to incorporate it all. A background in commercial art, illustration, the measured chaos of impressionable paint, and a revival of my love of comics creation.

At times, and more and more, I can feel Emily looking over my shoulder, nodding, frowning, singing on occasion, in an exchange like life that
can’t be stopped.


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