Acrylic on paper      30" x 22"      $500

‘Winter Kill’ (this slide) and ‘If She Had Wings’ (next slide)

In 1967, 17-year old Rose Roper was picked up by four non-aboriginal men from Williams Lake who drove her to a deserted area outside town where they brutally raped and beat her and then left her naked and bleeding with a broken neck in a snow bank. They had pushed her from the car and driven away with her panties hung on the radio aerial.

On 13th November1971, 19 year old Helen ‘Betty Osborne, a native Cree woman was forced into a car by four non-aboriginal men and driven to an isolated area outside town (The Pas, Manitoba) where she was raped, beaten to death, and stabbed 53 times with a screwdriver.

These two pieces emerged from those stories.

One of the challenges I gave myself was to create what I thought were beautiful paintings so they could be enjoyed for the image and colour in spite of the story that inspired them.

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